Learn about the wage gap in optometry.

via Women In Optometry

"Among optometrists, there’s a gender pay gap, too. Earlier this year, Jobson Optical Research in conjunction with Local Eye Site released its 2011 ECP Compensation Study. Among employed ODs, men reported an average compensation of $114,025. Women reported an average compensation of $93,114—a pay gap of more than 18 percent."

By Rebecca Hepp, via Review of Optometry

"Unfortunately, this year’s survey provided a grim reminder that pay disparity still exists between men and women—in fact, it grew significantly from last year. Last year, men working full-time reported an average salary 59% higher than women working full-time; this year, the gap widened to 68%."

By John Murphy, via Review of Optometry

"For instance, among optometrists with fewer than 10 years in practice, women (n=149) earned an average of $96,758 while men (n=121) averaged $124,859, or a difference of 29% in men’s favor. Definitely not equal income but, as you would expect, the gap widens even further among the most experienced optometrists. Among ODs with more than 30 years in practice, women (n=9) had an average income of $141,213 while their male counterparts (n=100) averaged 46% more, with a mean of $206,643." 

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Beyond optometry - Learn about the wage gap in America.

By Tanzina Vega, via CNN

"Across America, blacks and Hispanics continue to lag behind whites in key economic areas, including household income and unemployment rates. But in some regions, the gap is far wider than in others, a new report by the National Urban League finds .... The largest gap in household income was in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, where whites earned an average of $74,455 -- more than two times the average income of $28,138 for blacks."

By Janet Adamy and Paul Overberg, via The Wall Street Journal

"The Journal’s analysis of Census Bureau data for the five years through 2014 found male doctors working full time earned about $210,000 annually on average. Female physicians made 64% of that, about $135,000 a year. Among personal financial advisers, men took in about $100,000 while women made about $62,000... The gender pay gap has become a big issue in corporate boardrooms, state capitols and the 2016 presidential campaign. Executives and policy makers are weighing ways to bridge it, with ideas such as limiting employers from asking about salary histories and attempting to require wage transparency."

By Joseph D. Lyons, via Bustle

"In many states, LGBT people can be fired for being who they are as no federal prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation. Some studies have shown wage gaps ranging from 11 to 27 percent less. Transgender individuals can have it even more difficult than even their gay counterparts. A study by The Williams Institute said that transgender women can see their wages fall by nearly one-third after transitioning."

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